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File compression utilities have a long history. Back in the good old days of DOS, an awesome number of such utilities appeared, helping users to save their disk space.

With the introduction of Windows 95/98 and Windows NT, however, the situation changed dramatically - the only widespread file compression utilities were WinZip and WinRAR - both with a graphical interface, unfamiliar to old users, both rather slow (although WinRAR is not only slow - it is remarkably slow), and, most important, users have to pay to get a full version of either.

So, we decided to create a new file compressor, with one goal in mind:


Our file compressor, called LZW32, works 50% faster than WinZip, and astonishing 3 times faster than WinRAR. But that is only one item from the long list of advantages you get from using LZW32. On top of its lightning-fast performance:

  • LZW32 uses only 170 Kb of disk space, instead of megabytes required by other file compression utilities.
  • LZW32 is FREE - you can download the full version without any payment.
  • LZW32 offers a command-line interface, familiar to users of DOS file compressors - you can even use LZW32 in scripts.

So, stop wasting your time, and download LZW32 now by using this link.

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